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When I was undergraduate student and a few months before coming to Japan in 1994, I had several part time jobs. I have worked in "Credit Lyonnaise" as a clerk; "PT. Surindo" and "PT. Survey Research Indonesia" as a interviewer; "PT. Astra Motor Indonesia", "PT.Kecap Cap Orang Jual Sate", "PT. Erricson", "PT.Kawan Sejahtera", "PT.Minerva Indonesia", "PT. Cellini" and many others as stand guide.

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HOT and SPICY FOOD such as: noodles with meatballs, and SOTO (Indonesian soup) mixed by HOT CHILI SAUCE, mixfruits with HOT coconut sugar sauce, Padang Food

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OK, those are all my favorite ones. I hope it is interesting guyyysss....!!!!!!!!!!

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Jl. Merdeka VI/8
Depok 16417
Phone +62 (021) 77829368
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Skype : lailahandoko
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